Eldar Consultants - Strategic business, financial and managerial Consultancy - for the businesses that wish to grow

We help businesses control their business operation, practice correct financial conduct, develop and grow via personal mentoring and guidance.

איל דרורי אלדר יועצים

Eldar Consultants - Provide you with the tools to succeed. Always!

Eldar Consultants advises and accompanies entrepreneurs, managers, businesses, the self-employed, associations, and companies. We engage in the strategic business aspects, the financial and managerial areas.

Our consulting and accompanying method is different and unique.

Different because we work using a method that achieves the customer results and focuses on the essential points to the business's success.

Unique because we developed it based on many years of experience in various businesses, associations, and companies.


How can we help your business flourish?

If you are interested in taking your business a few steps forward.  Interested in working correctly and by that earning much more.  Put the business in order and start succeeding as you deserve – let's talk.   Contact us for an initial, non-binding, introductory meeting.

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Business Consulting

Where is the business today and where do you want to be? How to get there? What is the vision, which are the goals and objectives that must be set to achieve business success?

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Business accompaniment

Tired of going day by day? Wish to manage efficiently and assertively in a professional and accurate manner? Get results rather than hearing explanations? Motivate employees as a team to achieve the company’s goals?

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Management and Mentoring

Wish to make a personal and managerial leap? Need someone to lead, encourage, reflect, strengthen, pull out of the comfort zone, one that will not give up and prove to you that you can achieve more?

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Financial Consultancy

Intelligent financial management is the key to economic and business prosperity. How to do it right? What is allowed and what is forbidden? How to make and keep money?


Areas of Expertise


Strategic business consultancy and accompaniment

Accompaniment and consultancy from the business concept stage through establishment processes – from SEED stage through STARTUP all the way to MATURE stages.  Planning of the business strategy, examining and implementing it.


Managerial consultancy and accompaniment

Accompanying and coaching managers, assisting in decision-making processes, meeting management, time management, business focus, improving management skills (self-management, subordinate management, collegial relations) creating a harmonious management team.


Financial consultancy and accompaniment

Accompaniment through bank activities, efficiency and recovery plans, Obligo and lines of credit.  Cash Flow management, budget & control to a point of complete understanding of all financial aspects of the business.    


Operational consultancy and accompaniment

Managing suppliers and service providers, improving administrative systems, managing processes on the production floor, inventory scheduling, creating an interrogating and learning work environment that avoids repeating the same mistake twice.


Technological consultancy and accompaniment

Assistance in selecting the right software for the business, assistance in selecting the appropriate hardware for the business, improving the information security in the organization, new computer systems absorption processes and implementation in the organization.


Human Resources consultancy and accompaniment

Recruitment and placement processes, feedback conversations training, employment agreements, social aspects and welfare policies. Knowledge Management.


Sales and Marketing consultancy and accompaniment

Concept building, marketing plan, branding and advertising. Virtual customers surveys, the art of sales and negotiation, Sales personal compensation processes, close accompaniment towards achieving sales and marketing goals.


Home Economics consultancy and accompaniment

Financial, step by step, individual coaching  – how to reduce the overdraft, balance the family budget, reach full utilization of the earning capacities and reach a positive balance in the bank.   


Business mentoring, tutorials and lectures

Accompanying future managers and preparing them for the position. Conducting mentoring and mentoring processes. Training employees in the business and giving lectures in all areas of management, business strategy, finance, operations and human resources.

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About Eldar Consultants

Eldar Consultants specializes in providing business, financial, and management strategic consulting services.

We at Eldar Consultants are experts in providing business consultancy to small and medium-sized businesses, associations, and companies, using business solutions and professional tools that will allow you to be more successful without being dependent on us.

Our CEO, Eyal Drori, is a Business and strategic consultant with proven experience. He detects hidden problems and provides an applied and effective solution, mentoring businesses and executives for groundbreaking success. 

We offer business escorting services, mentoring, training sessions, and business consulting at a time and place that is convenient for you and processes tailored to your measurements (budget, managerial perspective, and time you have chosen to invest in the subject).

Why choose us?

  • We will be available for you, learn your business, listen and ask questions.
  • We will identify the visible and hidden problems and offer solutions.
  • We will not reinvent the wheel for you But will give you simple, precise, and professional tools that best suit your business. 
  • We will advise, accompany, instruct and guide you without throwing you into dangerous waters.
  • We are liable for the results.


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